4 Common Issues With Washing Machines And How To Fix Them

Professional washing machine repair in London

Typical washing machine issues can include using too much detergent or leaving water on your floor. While some repairs are simple, you might need to hire a professional to make the necessary diagnoses and repairs. Whatever you decide, having a broken washing machine is never fun, and most homes need to get this essential appliance working again as quickly as possible.

Most of the time, with little troubleshooting, you’ll be able to identify the source of the issue. However, if there are some major issues, it is always recommended to look for professional washing machine repair in London. In this blog, you can determine the cause of your washing machine issue and whether you want to make the repairs yourself.

The Washer Won’t Start.

There might be a quick cure if your washing machine is unresponsive when you turn it on. There are many options, from complex to basic, but the power supply itself is the best place to start.

If your washing machine is getting power, that should be checked first. Check the voltage of the outlet using a multimeter. Check your home’s electrical panel to discover if any circuit breakers may have been tripped if electricity isn’t getting to your washer.

Excessive Vibrations While In Use

The most frequent cause of this is an imbalanced tub or washing machine as a whole. Make sure the washing machine is positioned on a surface that is entirely horizontal. If not, purchase a stand or trolley with underneath-adjustable screws. Sometimes the suspension system’s wear and tear cause the tub to become imbalanced. To stop the suspension system from degrading, watch out for overloading the machine with clothes.

Water Leaking From The Soap Container

There are numerous potential causes for this issue. Too much suds, too much filling, too much detergent buildup, a surge in power supply, and too much water pressure are all contributing factors (a surge can cause the motor to spin out of control). Although fixing this issue is pretty simple and just takes a few minutes, a professional washing machine repair in London is needed.

Look For Broken Knobs And Shafts

Take a closer check if your washer knobs are not producing the desired result, such as turning on the washer. Those knobs are constructed of deteriorating, fragile plastic, which is especially true with older top-loading washers. Turning the knob may no longer operate the switch if it develops a crack in the switch shaft.

Flip the knobs over after removing them from the washer control panel. Start with cleaning the knobs because they frequently accumulate heavy spatter from food and are never cleaned. 

Why Use London Washing Repair To Fix Your Washing Machine?

Being without a washing machine can be horrible. You might waste money on a laundry service; you may have to do without your favourite clothes, and it can start to affect your hygiene and comfort. When your machine is broken, you need someone that you can trust to fix it. Call London Washing Repair for cheaper and better services. We offer washing machine repair service in the City of London EC1