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Three Simple Tips To Extend Your Washing Machine’s Lifespan

Three Simple Tips To Extend Your Washing Machine's Lifespan

Is your washing machine still doing its job effectively? You might not think about it much, but its performance can decline over time if it’s not properly maintained. Don’t worry if you’re busy and don’t have time to take care of it regularly. In this guide, our expert technicians for washing machine repairs in Havering have shared three simple tips to help you keep your washing machine running smoothly and make your clothes look their best for longer. 

Check The Lint Filter And Vents Regularly

Make sure to regularly check and clean the lint filter and vents of your washer and dryer, aiming to do so once or twice a month. Lint buildup can hinder the efficiency of these appliances. Turn off and unplug your washer, then clear any obstructions in the cleaning area. Use warm, soapy water or vinegar with an old toothbrush to gently remove debris. Remember to clean around where the water comes out and behind door seals. Expert technicians for washing machine repairs in Havering suggest rinse everything with cold water and ensure it’s completely dry before plugging your washer back in.

Don’t Use Too Much Detergent 

Using too much detergent can cause problems. Putting a lot of detergent in it might seem like it cleans clothes better. But if too many bubbles are in the washer, it has to work harder. This might make it run longer than usual. Normally, a washing machine takes about an hour to finish a wash. If it takes longer, something could be wrong, and you might need to contact a professional local washing machine repair in Islington N1. Also, using too much detergent can leave a residue on clothes. This can make them look dull and even damage the fabric. Newer washing machines don’t need as much detergent because they use less water. Check your washing machine’s manual to know how much detergent you should use for each wash.

Prevent Rust and Corrosion 

Fight rust and corrosion on your machine by prioritising drying and removing any moisture after each use. You can apply a protective coating such as paint or oil that is suitable to create a barrier against moisture. Store it in a cool, dry place with low humidity to prevent moisture buildup. Be vigilant in inspecting for signs of damage and address them promptly to prolong your machine’s lifespan.


In conclusion, with good care and maintenance, your washing machine can stay in great shape for years to come. By following these tips, you can ensure your machine keeps working well for a long time! So, don’t let minor issues turn into costly repairs. Trust London Washing Machine Repair for all your maintenance needs. Contact us today for local washing machine repairs in Islington N1

Saviours of Your Spin Cycle- Kinds of Repairs Covered by Washing Machine Repair Services  

washing machine repairs in Tower Hamlets

In the bustling heart of London, time never stands still- especially in Tower Hamlets. People are always hurrying around- finishing their chores and rushing to work. A malfunctioning washing machine can make things really messy and irritating. This is when professional services for washing machine repairs in Tower Hamlets are called to handle the situation and fix the problem. This blog will explore the kinds of repair and services covered by professional washing machine repair technicians in London so you know everything that will be taken care of when you call them.

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

First and foremost, professional repair services figure out what is exactly wrong with your machine. These experts have the knowledge and tools to diagnose issues accurately. 

Parts Replacement- 

Professional repair services stock common washing machine parts and can easily replace damaged or worn-out components. Whether it is a malfunctioning motor, a faulty pump, or a problematic control panel, they use genuine parts to fix the issue quickly. 

Leak and Water Issues- 

These technicians can locate the source of the leak and fix issues with hoses, valves, pumps, and the machine’s internal plumbing to ensure your machine leaves no puddles behind. 

Belt Replacement

Worn or broken belts can cause your washing machine to stop spinning. Repair experts can replace these belts quickly, ensuring your machine returns to its spinning glory. 

Motor Repairs

If your washing machine’s motor is malfunctioning, professional experts can repair it or install a new one if needed. They are adept in dealing with electrical and mechanical components that can prevent your machine from running smoothly. 

Drum and Agitator Repairs

Drum and agitator issues can disrupt your washing machine cycle. Professionals can fix them, ensure your machine runs at its optimal capacity, and handle the heaviest loads.   

Control Panel and Electronics

Problems with the control panel or electronic components that make your machine unpredictable are also repaired by these professionals as they restore your machine’s settings and options. 

Unusual or throbbing noises

Strange and persistent noises can be concerning. Repair experts are experienced in identifying the source of these sounds and fixing the problem, whether related to drums, bearings or internal components. 

Odour and Mould Removal

If your washing machine is plagued by persistent odours or mould growth, professionals can dismantle the machine, clean hidden parts and remove mould, ensuring your machine smells fresh and clean. 

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5 Bad Habits That Could Be Hurting Your Washing Machine

5 Bad Habits That Could Be Hurting Your Washing Machine

The start of a new year offers a chance for reinvention and breaking undesirable habits. According to laundry specialists, there are some behaviours towards your washer that must continue in 2023. Well, many of us have awful laundry habits, even if you might not have given it much thought. In fact, you can end up spending money on new clothes, washing machine repairs, and even higher costs as a result of these allegedly small problems. Remember that major breakdowns can only be fixed with the help of professional Local Washing Machine Repairs in Islington, N1. But, there are a few things that you can handle by yourself.

So, here in this blog, we’ve provided some advice to get you started with healthy behaviours right now, breaking these habits can be as easy as it sounds. 

Unleveling the Washer and Dryer

Every cycle of the washer includes a rotating drum that requires balancing to maintain the correct rotation. If the movement causes the appliance to tilt, you can anticipate that it will tilt back, creating a dancing machine that may harm both itself and objects nearby. Unlevel washer and dryer sets are also working harder than they should be, which over time results in additional wear and tear.

Utilising Too Many Dryer Sheets

People also frequently use too many dryer sheets. Using too many dryer sheets can leave a film on your clothes that is challenging to remove, but they are fantastic for decreasing static and giving your clothes a fresh aroma. If you frequently use dryer sheets, be sure to completely clear the lint trap to avoid any problems.

Overworking the Equipment

Overloading the machines is one of the most prevalent bad habits. While it may appear like packing more items into the washer or dryer will save you time, doing so will really put a lot of stress on the appliances and cause difficulties in the future. Additionally, since the detergent and water can’t circulate completely in the washer when there is a lot of clothing in it, the clothes won’t be completely clean after a cycle.

Empathy the Clothing Pocket

Everyone has experienced hearing the thud of change or other stuff they left in their pockets when they go to empty the vending machine. The issue is that they don’t always go “clunk”—sometimes they get trapped in awkward locations and make a “SQUEEZE” or “GRINNING” sound instead. This may result in clothes damage, clogs, leaks, and drum damage. In front-loading appliances, a dropped cent even has the potential to crack the glass. Every time you do the laundry, empty your pockets to prevent these scenarios.

Making the Incorrect Selection of A Washer Setting

Learn how to adjust the default settings on your washing machine for your apparel. A lot of our stuff can indeed be washed perfectly using standard typesetting. Learn to identify clothing with special instructions that have to be cleaned separately or in small batches if you have a habit of washing all of your clothes in the same setting.

We hope these pointers will help you make the most of your washer and dryer’s convenience for years to come. Also, if you have any questions regarding your washing machine breakdown or need assistance with your washing machine repairs in London, give us a call or stop by – London Washing Repair can help you fix your machine.