Common Troubles that Require Washing Machine Repair in London

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There is no doubt that the washing machine is an indispensable device in our households! All you have to do is, put your clothes in it, add detergent, choose a cleaning program, and let it do the job. Although the washing machine is very simple, it does have many moving parts and also has electronic and computer systems that allow it to operate.

It also includes many parts that are not easy to use, such as seals. Therefore, problems and malfunctions are bound to happen, so here is a comprehensive list of the most frequently reported washing machine malfunctions and whether you can fix it yourself or require a washing machine repair expert in London.

Washing Machine Will Not Start

You put all the clothes in the drum, pressed the right buttons – and nothing happens! The first thing to do is, check to see if there are any lights on the control panel. This will give you clarity on if you have power to the machine or not. 

If not, then check your network connection – is it the one to be connected and turned on (you’d be surprised how often this is a problem)? If so, then apparently there is another malfunction and the first thing you must check, is the fuse in the plug. If you change it and the machine starts to work, you still need to know why it broke, so it’s worth contacting the washing machine repair service in London.

Washing Machine Starts but Won’t Fill with Water

This is one of the more common problems with washing machines and one that is usually easy to correct. First, if you have a more modern machine, look for the error code on the display panel. When you refer to the manual, this should tell you where the problem is, and then you can infer whether a technician is needed.

Now you need to check the tap on the back of the machine where the water is taken. Check if the faucet is open, if so, disconnect the hoses and see if they are dispensing water. If this is not the case, there is a problem with your plumbing or the local water supply is interrupted, so the problem is not with the washing machine!

Machine Fills, Runs, but Won’t Drain

You put the load in, left it running, the washing cycle is ending and – there is still water in the washing machine! It should empty automatically at many points in the cycle, but it is also one of the more frequently reported problems. Again, this could be for a variety of reasons, some of which are easy to repair and some are not. The most common reason for machines not draining is a clogged filter. 
If you find the trouble with your washing machine, something that requires an expert, get in touch for washing machine repairs London.

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