Is your Machine not Draining Properly?

Washing machine is a utility household appliance that is a must use in every household. Majorly, there are two reasons that lead to the machine not draining the water properly. The first one being broken pump and the second one can be blockage of some sort. Let us get into an in-depth detail on the reasons for drainage trouble:

Check the Pump

  • First things first, check the pump. During a wash cycle be sure to keep a check on your machine. With a mere sound of the cycle, you can make out if there is an issue. If you fail to hear the pump, then there is high possibility that it is blocked or something is wrong with the pump. This means you might want to replace the pump.
  • Remove the pump, which is placed at the front bottom left of the machine with the filter. Remove the filter first and then be sure to remove all the water from the machine. The machine panel would require replacement, we suggest you consult an expert, since the repairing task is best handled by expert.
  • How to know if there is a blockage in the machine? If you feel the pump is making the sound it usually does when draining water, yet the water seems constant in the machine, then chances are there is a blockage that is stopping the water from being drained.

Check Pump for Clear Blockages

  • If after following the above mentioned steps you are lead towards blockage in the machine, then use some steps to affirm the doubt. Put some towels, this will soak up the water that would otherwise leak out.
  • Check the filter of the pump, placed somewhere at the bottom of the machine, then remove the material causing any form of blockage.
  • Check the pump filters, if you don’t see anything stuck on the pump filter, then move on to the drain hose. Check the drain hose.
  • By the means of a spigot, the drain hose will be connected to the U-bend underneath the sink. To remove the hose, unscrew it. Make sure the water gushes out, drain out all the water. Remove anything that you feel blocks off the U-bend or the hose.
  • If there are no visible blockages in the pump then you must consult a specialist who can give you an idea of what exactly is the issue.

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