Leaking Washing Machine? Know Why Your Machine is Leaking

18 August, 2021 Machine Repairs

Leaking Washing Machine? Know Why Your Machine is Leaking

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Is there anything that feels worse than reaching your laundry room and finding yourself in the middle of a giant puddle on the floor? Probably not! There are some issues that you can fix easily which do not require any expert assistance, but most of the problems associated with washing machines demand repairing and expert assistance. A leaking washing machine is one such problem that needs immediate assistance. In case of a leaking washing machine, you should consider associating with a washing machine repair service in City of London EC1 to get rid of the underlying damage. 

Leakage from Back Side of Machine 

A leaking back portion of the machine can be due to a lot of underlying reasons. Some of them do not even require repairs. At times, people forget to remove the drain plug before installing the drain hose in a new washing machine and fret about the leakage. Just removing the manufacturer’s plug would do the rest. However, if that is not the case, there can be bigger damage in the washing machine which you might not be able to work out on your own. If you are unable to determine the underlying damage, connect with experts offering same day washing machine repair in east London

Leakage from Under the Machine 

Whether you have a top-loading machine or a front-loading machine, if you find out that your washing machine is leaking from the bottom, there might be a problem with the pump. There are chances that there is a hole in the pump which is causing the water to leak. If this is not repaired, it might damage the motor which will be a bigger problem and might cause your washing machine to break completely. There can also be some other underlying damage that can be causing bottom leakages which if not looked upon can cause problems for your washing machine. 

Leakage from Front Side of the Machine 

If you own a front-load washing machine, and you find a leak from the front side, the chances are that you might be having a clogged tube. Overloading the washer can also be a cause of front side leakage. One possible reason why there is leakage from the front side of your washing machine is improper cleaning of the seal of the front-loading door of your machine. Gunk build-up can be a cause of water leaking from the front side. If you are still unable to figure out the leaking from the front side of the washing machine, consider connecting with washing machine repair services in City of London EC1.  These are some of the possible leakages that occur in a washing machine. If you have discovered a sudden leakage in your washing machine, get assistance from washing machine experts right away.

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