Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Washing Machine

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Washing machine is an inevitable part of our household appliances that make our life easier. Choosing the right one can be overwhelming to analyzing all the factors to consider before purchasing a washing machine of your preference. Washing machines come with different kinds of capacity, features, functions, and loads. This means, each requires a different kind of care and that is why below we have listed a few mistakes that you must avoid causing harm to your washing machine:


Many believe that using more detergent, the better the wash results will be. However, this is false, even the manufacturers say so. Using too much detergent only cause harm. Not only to your clothes but also to your machine. Doing so can lead to big issues such as an excessive amount of foam that can block the drainage. This means the detergent will not get into your clothes causing them to stay dirty. You wouldn’t want that, well, avoid using too much detergent.


As per the recent statistics, most problems that are related to the washing machine are about the washing drum. We tend to lose our small objects that simply get caught in the filter causing them to break. Well, it is advised to use a wash bag in order to keep your clothes and delicate safe.


We all are aware of the fact that filters in the washing machine play a key role. They collect small objects and little things such as coins, scrunchies, fiber, and more. It is advised to clean the filter four to five times a year, or if there is a bad smell. In case you experience any kind of issue, you can hire same day washing machine repair in Hackney  


You need to understand that it is not always you who is responsible for a breakdown but the way we set up the machine. During the last phase, the drum rotates quite fast causing the machine to shake. If something like this happens, it means, either the floor is not flat or the transportation bolts are on the machine still.


Even if you have a huge pile of laundry, avoid overloading the machine. You need to understand that doing so will not help you clean all your clothes properly and in a short time. Instead, they will not be very clean and the machine will shorten the life. The ideal way of loading is putting ¾ of the machine for cotton and linen, and for wool, you can load 1/3 of the machine.

Keep these in mind to extend your machine’s life. Domestic appliances tend to break down suddenly. It is important to repair the appliance the second you notice early signs of damage. Well, at London washing Machine Repairs, we provide a washing machine repair service in Newham. Our technicians ensure that complete quality care is taken of your appliance. Contact us!

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