Repair or Replace – What’s Your Machine Telling You to Do?

17 September, 2021 Machine Repairs

Repair or Replace – What’s Your Machine Telling You to Do?


Deciding whether your machine demands a simple repair or is due for a replacement can be a very tough call. A washing machine is a tremendously important home appliance and one has to use it almost every single day. In such a case, don’t you think that taking this decision becomes all the more important? Having a faulty washing machine that breaks down every once in a while, or worse – a leakage in your laundry room is a complete nightmare. 

Sometimes, getting a repair may seem like an ideal (also, cheaper) option but other times, replacement seems the only logical and economical option. Here is a blog for you that can help you decide whether you need washing machine repair service in City of London EC1 or you would require a brand-new washing machine. 

Read along the sections to make a wise decision.

The Age of the Washing Machine 

Every appliance has an average lifespan. The chances of the appliance breaking down increases when the appliance is on verge of its lifespan completion. If your washing machine is breaking down and is about to reach the upper limit of its operational age then it is advised to replace it. 

Every washing machine has an operational age of 10 – 11 years. If your washing machine is on the verge of completing its lifespan, it is recommended that you replace it. However, if your washing machine is comparatively newer and hasn’t even reached half of its operational age, it is advised to connect with a washing machine repair service in East London. A washing machine that is relatively new would not break down regularly and if at all it does, an affordable option would be to get it repaired than getting it replaced. 

Repair Costs Under Budget or Not?

Sometimes, a washing machine keeps on breaking irrespective of age and it is important to get it diagnosed by an expert. If your washing machine keeps on breaking every now and then, we recommend you get it diagnosed by an expert. Determine the complete costs of repairs. If the repair costs are high and if you find that the washing machine requires a lot of repairs, it is better to invest in a new washing machine than getting your old one repaired. But if the repairs aren’t a lot and the cost isn’t exceedingly high, you should try and get it repaired from washing machine repair services in City of London EC1. 

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