Tips for Safeguarding Your Washing Machine Outdoors

Tips for Safeguarding Your Washing Machine Outdoors

Not everyone has plenty of room indoors. Sometimes, we have to put our essential appliances like the washing machine outside. But leaving your machine exposed to the natural elements can damage it. While it’s not the best situation, in this blog post, our professional washing machine repair in London experts will talk about how to keep your outdoor washing machine safe from the sun, wind, and rain.

Get a Washing Machine Cover

One of the best ways to shield your outdoor washing machine from the elements is by purchasing a cover made specifically for washing machines. You’ll find various types and sizes in stores, so picking one that fits yours is easy. A good-quality cover will protect your appliance against sun, wind, and rain while keeping it clean and dust-free.

Set Up a Washing Machine Shelter

Another effective method is to build or install a shelter for your washing machine. You can use different materials, but make sure to choose something sturdy and weather-resistant. A shelter will protect it from sun, wind, rain, and even snow, ensuring your washing machine stays in good shape and dust-free.

Make Use Of A Weatherproof Cover

Purchasing a weatherproof cover is wise if your washing machine will be kept outside. A weatherproof cover will shield your washing machine from the sun, wind, and rain. Experts from washing machine repairs in Tower Hamlets suggest buying a surge protector is also smart. A surge protector will shield your washing machine from power surges that could harm the device.

Maintain an Elevated Height From Floor 

Keeping your washing machine elevated is another way to keep it safe. Keeping your washing machine elevated can help prevent flooding if you live in an area with a lot of rain. Your washing machine can be raised using bricks or blocks or by setting it on a platform. Doing this ensures your washing machine is not submerged in water, which could harm the machine.

Keep Rodents Away From The Machine

Protecting your washing machine from rodents is another precaution you should take. Rats and mice can damage your washing machine by getting inside through the pipes. Using a rodent-proof cover will help keep rodents out of your washing machine. The market is filled with a wide variety of rodent-proof cover options. You can also use a repellent if you want to keep rodents away from your washing machine.

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In summary, though keeping your washing machine outdoors isn’t ideal, you can take steps to extend its lifespan. However, remember that you’re likely voiding your warranty by doing so. If you encounter any troubleshooting problems, contact London Washing Machine Repair for professional washing machine repair in London. Rest assured, we provide same-day repair service, offering you peace of mind.