Washing Machine Causing Spinning Troubles

19 October, 2020 Machine Repairs

Washing Machine Causing Spinning Troubles

Washing Machine Causing Spinning Troubles

The spinning motion of the machine is important in cleaning the fabrics. You can’t just dunk the clothes in soapy water and expect them to magically clean. If the machine faces spinning difficulty then it needs to be addressed at the earliest. Here are some common reasons that may cause the machine some form of spinning difficulty:

  • Faulty door lock.
  • Blockage or a faulty pump.
  • Blocked pressure switch
  • Overloaded
  • Middle of the cycle

Here are some possible problems that might be the reason behind spinning troubles:

  • Machine might be overloaded – Check if your machine is stuffed with items that might be causing troubles in the drum and retarding its moment. Prevent your machine from losing balance due to overload.
  • Middle of the cycle – It can be a possibility that the machine isn’t working properly because the designated time has elapsed.
  • Faulty lid switch – Another trouble can be trouble in the door locks. The lid switch can be easily found inside the cabinet close to the door frame. Damaged switches might be the reason behind spinning troubles.
  • Check programme Switches – Machine won’t spin in case the speed and the programme selector switches are not aligned in terms of speed. A professional washing machine repair in London would help you find what the exact fault is when it comes to programme switches.
  • Drain Pump Not Working – Drain Pump trouble can cause the machine to stop spinning. In case, you regularly hear a humming sound even when the machine is filled to the brim. High chances are that this trouble might be because of coins, buttons, or other pieces that come with the fabric.
  • Damaged Belt System – Machine’s drum spins with pulleys and belts. Over the course of time these tend to wear down and get damaged. The worn belts and pulleys can also cause spinning troubles.

In case you are facing spinning troubles that you can’t fix, it would be ideal to consult a service provider that offers washing machine repairs in London.

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