Ways You’re Shortening The Life Of Your Washing Machine

6 October, 2022 washing machine repairs London

Ways You’re Shortening The Life Of Your Washing Machine

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An average washing machine can last around a decade. The same is the case with your dryer. However, if you don’t treat your appliances well, you could be cutting down their lifespan. Of course, connecting with a washing machine repair in Bermondsey SE1 is an option when a problem occurs, but in this blog, we will focus on the mistakes you could be making that shorten the life of the washing machine. If you keep these things in mind, your appliance can run like a new machine for longer. Take a look- 

  1. Running the washer/dryer more than required

The life of a machine completely depends on the number of times it runs. The more often it is used, the less its lifespan will be. Thereby, you are advised to stick to eight or fewer loads in a week which can help yield an average of low double-digit life of the machine.  

  1. Not getting your washer/dryer installed by a professional

It is essential to have a proper installation for all types of laundry machines. Thus, one must install it to the given level, meeting laundry needs. That can be more or less difficult, depending on the characteristics of your floor. For dryers, good venting is essential, which involves choosing the right size and material for your venting tube along with placing the tube correctly to allow for the best possible air movement. If you install the machines yourself, you must have a professional look at them. Even for washing machine repairs, it is recommended to connect with a professional so that the problem is not aggravated. 

  1. Stuffing the washing machine

When overstuffed with clothes, washers and dryers don’t work optimally. Thereby, they have to work harder than they should when they’re full and increase wear & tear on the mechanism of the machine. Furthermore, if you stuff the machine with too many clothes, some residue of detergent is left behind- which attracts more dirt next time when you wear the clothes. 

  1. Using detergent more than required

Using more detergent than recommended by the manufacturer is bad for the washing machine. Furthermore, too much soap also leads the way to more suds which may cause the washer to overflow. Do you have a high-efficiency washer? If so, then it would require a lesser amount of soap to wash your clothes efficiently. Thereby, cut back on detergent and use soaps which are safe for HE washers. 

  1. Drying wrong clothes together

Sorting your clothes isn’t just recommended to keep your whites ‘white’. Your dryer works best when you dry items of similar weight. Mixing clothes of significantly different weights can affect the balance of your washing machine. 

Avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes can increase the lifespan of your clothes. However, if you are looking for services for washing machine repairs London, you can connect with us anytime. We’ll be glad to assist you with our services. 

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