What are the possible Issues one faces with Washing Machine?

Are you facing troubles with your washing machine? Is your machine not powering on? In most cases, it might be a minor problem that might get fixed with a simple fix.

So, what do you do when you receive no power in the washing machine?

Not Receiving power

Trouble shooting

  • It is possible that your machine might not be getting power. See your fuse board, check it to see if it has been tripped off. The box has plenty of switches which might cause you confusion. The switches are all used to turn electricity on and off in various parts and different areas of the home.
  • A faulty appliance, like a troubled toaster, light, or kettle, or any other home device could have been the reason behind the trip.
  • Flip the switch back on and see if the machine turns back on. If in case, it does, it is most likely that one of the devices is causing it to trip. Internal component could also lead to such a trouble.

Machine Switch could be causing problems


  • Check the washing machine socket switch. It is possible that a circuit breaker switch hasn’t been tripped. The washing machine socket light isn’t red, this means the issue might be the washing machine switch.
  • Be sure to turn off the electricity supply before you test the power socket.

Lid switch or Door Lock System Issue


  • It is highly likely that the machines have door lock assembly. Part of this is comprised of a small plastic component which when activated ensures that the door is locked. As a safety mechanism the machine doesn’t start its function, until and unless the door is secured safely. So a broken door circuit can also be the reason for machine trouble.
  • Be sure to check the plastic component which helps with door lock. Make sure it is working fine and is in proper order and positioning. These can definitely become worn through over use, over the course of time. It is also possible that due to external force they happen to lose their essence. Be sure to know how to manage the machine and ensure it stays working fine.
  • Replacement door locks can be found online. Be sure that you know well about how to keep the correct door lock as per the make and the model of the washing machine.

Motor Damage could also be the cause of the trouble


  • Ensure that you keep your motor cool. The washing machine might not turn on if the motor overheats. The safety mechanism that this follows ensures to protect the device by shutting the machine down and allowing it to cool down before restarting the machine.
  • It would be ideal to consult an expert service engineer in case of washing machine repair task. Get in touch with a reliable expert like London Washing Machine Repair.

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