What Could Be The Reason For Jammed Washing Machine Door?

You set your washing machine with the load, turn it on, and wait for your machine to do the magic and get you squeaky clean clothes. However, things take a turn for the worse when the door is jammed and won’t open. Let’s get one thing straight here, that it doesn’t happen often, hence sometimes people don’t have a combat plan.

So, what do you do when you find your washing machine door is stuck and won’t open?

The first step will be to assess the quantity of water (if any) in the drum. If there is still some water left in the drum, then you must check the filters. It is highly likely that there is a blockage in the filter which is the reason for the trouble. Some washing machine’s make and models are such that they lock the door if there is water in the drum. So, you must try to run spin and drain cycle to get rid of the water, if any.

Another reason could be a faulty pressure switch that must be obstructing the cycle from resetting to empty. You can definitely try turning off the main power and let the machine stay in the rest stage for about 10 minutes or so, then switch it on and see if the door opens up now.

Also, check the door and the handle, they are fragile and could be damaged. Be gentle with the door. If nothing else works out and you are desperate to open the door, then you could try breaking the lock open and recover the load of washing. However, if it reaches to this stage then a better option would be to call in a washing machine repair expert.

What precautionary measures would ensure your washing machine doesn’t breakdown?

DIY repairs must not be tried upon, because your experimental repair could sometimes lead to lasting damages as well. Hence, it would be ideal that you refrain from fixing any washing machine issue on your own. You can definitely take some precautionary measures to ensure that your washing machine never suffers a hitch and is always operational.

Firstly, take utmost care of your washing machine filters, keep them clean. Make it a habit to check each load for any foreign object or unwanted product that might cause blockage or obstruct the smooth functioning of the washing machine.

Secondly, show some patience when working with household appliances. The issue might not be big but due to your haste you might create one. Hence, always be gentle with your appliances. Third precaution would be to never overload the machine. Always give enough space to your machine to swivel and work on the clothes well.

What do you do if you suffer from machine break down even after taking precautionary measures? You must get in touch with a reliable washing machine repair expert. London Washing Machine Repair is your reliable expert in London offering you the best and the most efficient service engineers to handle your repairing task. Get in touch with us, now!

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